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Maggie's Apartment
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Below are the 7 most recent journal entries recorded in I've lost something in Maggie's apartment's LiveJournal:

Wednesday, October 5th, 2005
9:28 am
i wanna borrow some movies from maggie's apartment
Friday, February 18th, 2005
4:34 pm
wtf is going on?! where is everybody?! why am I all alone in maggie's apt?!

I can't take this anymore!!


::fetal position::
Friday, February 11th, 2005
10:46 am
yea this community that SARA or should I say SAY RA!!!! started is the total lame-o fag-mo of communities.

Current Mood: tired
Thursday, February 10th, 2005
1:33 pm
maggies apartment is ESTUPIDO!!!

6:48 am
you should totally add me as a member. i've got a lot of beads to hand out to various members of maggie's apartment and a king cake for clayton. i better see some titties tho!
12:30 am
I seem to be missing a Maypole... I'm wondering if anyone has seen it. Its a large stick of wood... with ribbons. Lots of ribbons. ;)
1:11 am
I lost a lot of stuff. I've lost a pair of gap blue jeans, of a medium-blue shade, and the key to my mailbox. Also some pj pants that I left over there for a long time after doing laundry and maybe some other laundry too.

Current Mood: sad
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